10 Fundamental Yoga Arm Balance Poses

An 11-part course with Leigha Butler

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Course Overview

Yoga isn’t all Vinyasa Flow and Child’s Pose; arm balances are essential to any yoga routine, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi! This course from Leigha Butler helps you enter ten of the most fundamental arm balances in yoga, starting with Crow Pose and ending with the challenging Grasshopper Pose. Practicing these Asanas will help build strength and stability within your body and mind. Leigha also offers modifications to get you into position with ease, poise, and a sense of flight!


  • Total Time 2 hr, 3 min
  • Lessons 11
  • Attachments 10
  • Exercises 49
  • 66 CQ

11 Lessons in This Course

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