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Passion Fit
Reena Vokoun

My name is Reena Vokoun and I'm the Founder and CEO of Passion Fit, a certified consumer and corporate health and wellness expert, media spokesperson, TEDx speaker, best-selling and award-winning author, personal and professional development coach and consultant, digital marketer and award-winning ESPN Fitness Championships competitor.

Passion Fit™ is your consumer and corporate health, wellness and fitness guide to help you transform your career, family and life! Products, services and content include books, online courses, personal and professional development coaching and consulting, corporate wellness programs, transformational programs, memberships, local and livestream fitness, yoga and dance classes, an online boutique of activewear and accessories, wellness retreats, workshops and speaking engagements, videos, a blog, newsletters, social media content and media appearances.

I serve individuals, companies, non-profits, schools, universities and the media on topics such as fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, work-life balance, productivity and healthy lifestyles.

My mission through Passion Fit is to empower women to flourish both personally and professionally through wellness. My vision is to continue to build and grow our local and online wellness community where women can have fun, make friends, feel supported and be encouraged to achieve their dreams and goals. I hope to help each of you on your own unique journey and teach you how to live a Passion Fit Live.

My motto is:

“Pursue your passions, be fit and the rest will follow…”


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