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What is Curious?

Curious is an innovative and engaging marketplace that connects lifelong learners with exceptional teachers from around the world. Curious offers video-based, interactive lessons that help anyone learn about anything on their own time.

Wow, so much to learn! How can I watch the lessons? What are the system requirements?

Curious lessons are available by streaming through our iPhone and iPad apps or our website using Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, or Safari. Stay tuned for updates about new devices we support.

Wait, I don't see the lesson that I'm looking for. Can I request lessons to be added?

Yes! We add new lessons every day (really), and we are always looking for more. If you have an idea for new lessons (and even better, know a good teacher to teach them), please email

I have a skill and an undeniable passion to share it. How can I become a Curious teacher?

We like you already. Please visit us at


Hmmm… YouTube is free. Why should I subscribe to Curious+?

While YouTube is awesome (and we admit to spending countless hours watching cat videos), quality, educational content can be challenging to find. At Curious, all lessons are carefully curated and taught by expert instructors. And the instructors actually answer your questions.

Curious+ gives you access to our entire library – that's over 25,000+ lessons and courses covering countless topics from over 1,000 teachers.

How does the free trial work?

The free trial gives you a week of Curious+ at no cost. Enroll in some lessons, browse the collections – try it before you buy it!

At the end of your trial, your membership will automatically continue. You can easily cancel online anytime. And don't worry; there are no cancellation fees.

I bought courses before subscription was an option. What happens to those purchases?

If you made a purchase when you could buy them individually, you still have lifetime access to those lessons and courses. And you always will regardless of whether you decide to cancel your membership.

Can I still purchase lessons or courses individually?

No, you can't, but with a subscription to Curious+ you can get access to our entire library of great lessons and courses. We think that's a pretty good deal.

How can I cancel my subscription?

We're sorry to see you go! It's easy, just visit our cancellation page. There are no cancellation fees.

How do I cancel if I subscribed through my iOS Device?

To update your payment information or cancel the auto-renewal of your Curious subscription, please do so via Settings on your iOS device. Learn more from Apple about managing your iTunes Account information or canceling your auto-renewal through your iOS device. Please note, if you choose to cancel, your membership will continue until the end of your current billing cycle. If you have any additional inquiries about the membership you purchased through your iOS device, you may contact Apple Support.

Lessons & Courses

What are lessons? What are courses?

They're what make Curious great! Curious offers video-based lessons that cover almost anything you'd want to learn and are usually 5-15 minutes long. Each lesson is broken down into short segments to keep learning easy and fun, and exercises along the way keep you on your toes.

Curious courses are series of lessons that let you learn a subject in depth. We want you to really learn, and the things most worth learning usually take a little more time.

Are there extra materials to go with the lessons and/or courses?

Yes! If a lesson has extra materials, you can find them under “Attachments,” which is the paperclip icon on the right of the video player. Attachments include any templates, patterns, and other printable items that help you master the lessons.

What if I don't understand a lesson or have questions after taking it?

If you're having any trouble or would like some extra clarification, our teachers are here to help. To ask the teacher a question, simply go back to the lesson, click on "Lesson Comments" below the lesson, and ask your question! Our teachers will respond as soon as they can.

Payment & Security

How does Curious charge my account?

When you sign up for your free trial, we authorize your credit card to make sure it works, but we don't actually charge you anything.

At the end of your trial, your card will be charged automatically every month or every year, depending on whether you choose monthly or annual billing. Of course, you can cancel anytime, and we won't charge your card again.

How does Curious keep my payment information safe?

We take the safety of your information very seriously. We use industry-leading technology (like https and SSL) to transfer your payment information securely. In fact, we never even see your credit card number; it gets sent encrypted to our credit card processor. Our credit card processor is fully PCI-certified, which means it passes the highest industry standard on keeping your data safe.

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