How to Make a Holiday Feast

A 12-part course with Rouxbe Cooking School

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Course Overview

Ready to take your holiday cooking to new, delicious heights? This course from Rouxbe Cooking School shares the secrets to preparing a perfect holiday meal. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Chanukkah, or Christmas learn how to create the perfect main course (turkey, roast, goose, you name it!) - including how to: baste, check if it’s cooked, and carve the meat. Pair your protein with classic Thanksgiving side dishes like stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, Brussels sprouts, and spinach salad. For a memorable dessert course, learn to make pumpkin pie and cheesecake. These lessons are geared towards beginner chefs, as well as anyone who wants inspiration for a special holiday meal.


  • Total Time 51 min
  • Lessons 12
  • Attachments 9
  • Exercises 52
  • 32 CQ

12 Lessons in This Course

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