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The Mobile Home Gourmet

My name is Dennis. I really do live in a mobile home in a trailer park, and I've been enjoying coach living for more than 30 years.

Cooking is an art. Like any art, it needs to be practiced often and with increasing challenge if skills are to develop. A successful quarterback doesn't become a quarterback merely by wishing to be so. It takes practice, developing talents and acquiring skills. I've been cooking for more than 40 years, and I'd like to think I am only halfway to my goal of being an excellent cook. I am not a professional cook. I've never been to culinary school (although I have studied under some chefs). I don't own a restaurant. Such accomplishments might be fun to fantasize about, but my credentials consist of accolades from dinner guests, many of whom have encouraged me to share my recipes with others. That, therefore, is my mission: To share with others.


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