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As the West’s leading lifestyle brand, Sunset spotlights the region’s best flavors, destinations, design trends, and innovations. Sunset engages and inspires an audience of over 5 million adventurous readers, through its regional print editions, its digital edition, its website, and bestselling books. The legendary brand has moved beyond the page; Sunset now showcases the best of the West through its blockbuster events, established home programs, licensing and merchandise partners, and the Sunset International Wine Competition.

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Sunset's Perfect Holiday Meal

We're thrilled to share our course, Sunset's Perfect Holiday Meal.

Gearing up for Thanksgiving and the holiday season? Sunset Magazine shows you how to make a fantastic meal everyone will love.

Take a look and let us know in the comments what you think!

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    6-part Mixology course
    Sunset's Essentials of Wine
    A 6-part course with Sunset Seminars
    View course

    Tired of getting that same old bottle of wine? This course will open you up to a new world of tastes and textures - and will quickly have you scrambling for new varieties at your local grocery store. Learn how to store and aerate your wine for the greatest enjoyment and, most importantly, learn to appreciate the taste, feel, and smell of your wine as Sara Schneider - Wine Editor at Sunset Magazine - explores varietals from France, Spain, California, Australia, and more.

  • 6
    6-part Gardening course
    Sunset's Guide to Container Gardens
    A 6-part course with Sunset Seminars
    View course

    Transform any porch or patio into a productive container garden with Sunset Magazine senior garden editor Johanna Silver! At the end of the course, create a garden that looks lovely year round!

  • 10
    10-part Cooking course
    Sunset's Guide to Outdoor Cooking
    A 10-part course with Sunset Seminars
    View course

    Take your cooking skills to the great outdoors! Sunset Magazine shows you how to make delicious dishes whether you're in your backyard or in the backwoods. You’ll learn how to plan and pack food for camping trips; cook with Dutch ovens, cast iron skillets, and barbecue pits; and get recipes for everything from gooey cinnamon rolls to grilled pizza.

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    7-part Cooking course
    Sunset's Perfect Holiday Meal
    A 7-part course with Sunset Seminars
    View course

    Looking for a full set of Thanksgiving recipes that honor the tradition of each dish? In this course, Sunset Magazine food editor Margo True shows you how to make a classic Thanksgiving feast, from kitchen prep to plating. You’ll learn how to cook a turkey on the grill, make a delicious hickory-smoked chuck roast, and get recipes for all the classic sides: cranberry sauce, two kinds of mashed potatoes, and—of course—Sunset’s famous Italian chard stuffing.

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