Kitchen Basics for Beginners

A 12-part course with The Mobile Home Gourmet

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Course Overview

Whether you’re going away to college, getting married, or just want to help cook, learn what how to set up a kitchen! Dennis Viau, The Mobile Home Gourmet, teaches how to cook delicious, inexpensive food at home. These 12 lessons explain kitchen knives, cutting boards, and other kitchen tools, food safety, and basic cooking techniques. Find out how to make culinary mainstays like chicken stock, homemade pasta, clarified butter, and whit sauces, and combine them into delicious, homemade meals!


  • Total Time 2 hr, 24 min
  • Lessons 12
  • Attachments 11
  • Exercises 43
  • 78 CQ

12 Lessons in This Course

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