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We started Curious because we wanted to help the world's best teachers become entrepreneurs. We believe it is possible for teachers to provide great instruction to students halfway around the world, and make good money doing it.

If you are great at teaching something, keep reading to see if the Curious platform is right for you.


Great lessons are more than just great videos.

  • The Curious lesson platform takes passive videos and turns them into interactive lessons with a simple conceptual framework.
  • Your students can use Attachments to follow along, purchase related items, or get helpful visual guides.
  • Exercises test your students after every concept to make sure they are paying attention.
  • Raise Your Hand comments allow your students to interact with each other and you in threaded discussions.
  • Assignments allow students to send you videos or photos of their final products.

Brand building, not just lesson building.

  • Our platform allows teachers to create a family of lessons, group them into Courses, and even add related products or services.
  • You benefit from everything Curious knows about how to structure and sell lessons most effectively—so you can focus on creating great content and connecting with your students.
  • You get your own web page on Curious ( to promote your lessons and also post updates (using the Promo Center) about your lessons, related products, or other services you provide such as tutoring.

A qualified audience comes built-in.

  • How many hours have you spent wondering why nobody is finding your brilliant instructional videos? Curious has a built-in community of passionate lifelong learners eager to interact with you.
  • Curious helps you drive traffic to your lessons, and offers featured promotions for the best teachers in a variety of ways.

All the tools and support you need to succeed.

  • Curious is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows you to create, design and promote your lessons on Curious, as well as your own blog or website.
  • We help you every step of the way with webinars, resources and lessons in our Teacher Learning Center. Plus, members of our helpful staff are dedicated to making you successful.
How It Works
Are you passionate about teaching and learning? Knowledgeable about your subject area? Eager to try something new? We are looking for passionate experts in any field of lifelong learning to join our amazing group of teachers.

Getting started is easy:
  1. Check out some Curious lessons.
    • Start watching lessons so you can get familiar with the different types of lessons and teaching styles that Curious offers. Which of your lessons do you think would work best on the platform?
  2. Sign up to be a teacher
    • Click here to create a teacher account, which instantly gives you access to all of the tools and resources you need.
    • You will immediately have access to the Teachers Lounge, which includes the Learning Center. There you will find Lessons and Webinars that will familiarize you with the Curious platform and even help you with your video production if you need it.
  3. Build your first Curious lessons.
    • Open the Curious LessonBuilder and start creating your lessons!
    • You start by uploading videos (either new ones or ones you have already created) and LessonBuilder helps you do everything else to turn it into a lesson.
    • Break your lesson into conceptual sections, add exercises and attachments, and create all of the marketing information about your lesson that will help students find it attractive.
    • Rest assured that when you put your content onto Curious, it remains non-exclusive and owned by you!
  4. Share your lessons and grow your audience.
    • Share your lessons via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, your blog, or carrier pigeon. We provide you with helpful tools to use all of these networks (well, except the latter).
    • As students enroll in your lessons, engage with them using the Message Center so that they master the material and want to keep learning from you.
    • Use the Promo Center to send useful messages to all of your students. Let them know when you have a helpful tip or are getting a common question. Promote your new lessons, and even sell them additional goods or services.
  5. Make some money.
    • Teacher payments are the sum of three things: tips, referral bounties, and lesson licensing fees. For more detailed information, visit the Teacher Payments page.

How is Curious different than other platforms?

  • It starts with how Curious Lessons are different. Your content will be enhanced through our interactive learning platform and be easily accessible to students in the Curious marketplace.
  • Your students will benefit from using a platform designed exclusively for lifelong learning, one that isn't cluttered with advertisements or just passive videos.

How is Curious going to grow my audience?

  • We use a multi-channel approach - and classic marketing techniques like organic search (SEO), paid advertising (SEM), direct marketing and most importantly, social media. Our founders, seasoned entrepreneurs, are experts in helping small businesses grow.

Who is your audience?

  • We have an international audience of lifelong learners that is growing extremely rapidly. Curious is already one of the largest learning sites on the web and growing by leaps and bounds every month. The Curious brand is intended to attract "lifelong learners" of any age, gender or background… and it is!

How do I make money?

  • Teacher payments are the sum of three things: tips, referral bounties, and lesson licensing fees. For more detailed information, visit the Teacher Payments page.

What kind of content can I offer on Curious?

  • We are looking for engaging and educational video lessons on everything under (and over!) the sun - from mandolin-playing to beer-brewing to star-gazing.
  • So what isn't right for the Curious platform? Check out our Community Guidelines.

Do I have to make exclusive content for Curious?

  • Your content will remain non-exclusive so you can offer the same content on other platforms.
  • However, most of our teachers choose to create new content for Curious and use other platforms (like YouTube) to generate interest in a more "basic" or "overview" topic and then drive them to Curious for deeper learning.

Who has the rights to my content?

  • The content will remain yours and you can take it down from the marketplace at any time. Curious just needs certain rights to it to make sure that it can be properly promoted, and that students who have purchased it can always have access to it. You can read all the details here.

I'm interested in becoming a Curious teacher, how do I get on the platform?

  • It's super easy! Just click here to create an account and start building your lessons on the LessonBuilder.

What if I don't have any video content yet?

  • If you are a teacher, but have never made any videos of your content, you may still be a good candidate for Curious. However, you have some work to do. First, you should become a Curious teacher, sign up for our live webinar on how to get started with Curious (available after signup), and take the first lesson by Curious Teacher Support on How to Shoot Your First Lesson.
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