Learn French Now!
Learn French Now!
French the fun and easy way

Learn French Now! is dedicated to teaching French in a fun and natural way with video lessons. All of the Learn French Now! teachers are French natives who will help you learn conversational French and will provide you with helpful tips for grammar, pronunciation, and usage.

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    28-part French course
    Conversational French for Beginners
    A 28-part course with Learn French Now!
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    Perfect for travelers and students alike, this comprehensive course will build the foundations you need to walk the streets of Paris confidently.

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    8-part French course
    Learn French Fast | Part 1
    An 8-part course with Learn French Now!
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    Start learning a new language today with Learn French Now! In this 8-lesson beginner’s course, you’ll learn how to conjugate five of the most common French verbs and start forming complete sentences. You’ll also learn about the three major accents used in French words: l’accent grave, l’accent aigu, and l’accent circonflexe. With the skills covered in this course, you should be able to make your way around Paris, though we can’t guarantee they won’t sniff out your foreign accent.

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    8-part French course
    Learn French Fast | Part 2
    An 8-part course with Learn French Now!
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    Delve deeper into French with this 8-lesson course from Learn French Now! Explore more uses for the French verbs you’ve already learned and learn a few new ones, such as ‘faire’ (to do) and ‘dormir’ (to sleep). You’ll also learn how to ask “what” questions, such as “what are you doing?” - and formulate answers. Along the way, learn dozens of nouns and phrases that relate to each verb. With these new verbs and conjugations, you’ll be one step closer to conversational mastery.

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    8-part French course
    Learn French Fast | Part 3
    An 8-part course with Learn French Now!
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    Continue your journey towards mastering conversational French. In this 8-lesson course designed for intermediate French speakers, you’ll learn important verbs such as ‘aller’ (to go) and ‘vivre’ (to live) - and test your skills with an imagined conversation at the bakery. You’ll also learn how to ask “where” questions, such as “where do you live?”. For the starry-eyed romantics: discover the best phrases for love in French, such as ‘je ne peux pas vivre sans toi’ (I can’t live without you).

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