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Cross Training Workout for Skiing

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This workout from Pilates and ballet instructor Kira Elste combines medium-intensity core, balance, and leg exercises to get you ready for skiing season.

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Ying S
Aerobic sports I like it.
Kiira Lawson
So glad that you like this one! I think it's quite challenging with the glides and the jumps, so definitely give yourself a pat on the back for doing it! Great job!
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Heather D
Such a great workout! Even for a non skier!
Kiira Lawson
Thanks Heather!! Good for you getting through so many workouts!
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Leane M
Such a fun and effective lesson! Thanks Kira ;)
Kiira Lawson
A pleasure! Thrilled that you got a lot out of our time together!
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Nora W
So great even for non skiers. A top notch well balanced workout which was expertly instructed.
Kiira Lawson
Awww shucks. I know I feel it after doing such a session, and I'm happy that you do too Nora!
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Christina G
Such a great workout even if you aren't a skier!
Kiira Lawson
Super! Yes, the exercises are good for everyone. After all we do all have the same muscles that we need to work, even if we aren't hitting the slopes.
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