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Michelle, Motivate Me!
Michelle Marchand Canseco

Training & Development Professional at MichelleMotivateMe.com

Michelle Marchand Canseco is currently an instructor for Rockhurst University. She has been an instructor for various Universities for over a decade in addition to running her own consultancy. Because of her background as an actress, she has been selected to teach some of the most difficult material, and she has managed to delight her students by making her classes entertaining and engaging. She is a graduate of the acclaimed "Fame" school in New York City, and she knows how to turn boring material into fun exercises. She is known for her ability to motivate individuals to take action in order to get results. Michelle has helped organizations all over the world improve productivity and performance.

MichelleMotivateMe.com is a skills-based training company that helps people to change behavior in addition to acquiring and enhancing skills. This is accomplished through Seminars, Webinars, Online Videos, Teleconferencing, and monthly Newsletters to the public as well as customized programs and literature for organizations.

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New course from Michelle, Motivate Me!

Ready for a course that will help you for the rest of your life? I am excited to share my most popular course, Improve Your Memory .

In this course, learn about preventing everyday memory lapses (“What was his name again?”), retaining information for tests, and improving brain function using proven methods. Don’t forget to join in!

Happy Learning!

Michelle, Motivate Me!


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