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Kristen Matthews
Pilates Expert

Kristen Matthews is the co-founder of The Pilates Fix and owner of Kristen 4 Pilates. Helping people transform their lives, both physically and mentally, is extremely fulfilling and puts a smile on Kristen's face. She believes that as a Pilates teacher she is in a position to empower people to move more effectively through their day-to-day lives. Kristen pulls from her 10 plus years of Pilates teaching along with her yoga and barre training, to get her clients moving, all the while focusing on proper form to maximize the benefits of each session.

When Kristen is not teaching, you can find her working on The Pilates Fix in order to expand her global reach. She also contributes to health and wellness sites like MindBodyGreen.com and Pravassa.com, and has appeared in Pilates Style magazine and on their site as well.


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