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The Speakers' Coach
Unleash your Personal Speaking Power(PSP).

Jacques Waisvisz, principal trainer and president of The Speaker's Coach, has over two decades experience in public speaking and training. He is a Past District Governor of District 61 of Toastmasters International. Jacques is also a hospitality/tourism industry expert and worked as a diplomat with the Canadian Government Tourism Department.

"You involved your audience in such a way as to make learning fun."

John Aviste, President, Aviste Motion Pictures, Watertown, New York

"Your course was excellent, enjoyable and entertaining. I benefited greatly and it helped me overcome the numbing fear of public speaking."

Sally Jorgensen, Deputy Director, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Canada.

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Are you afraid to speak up in public?

I am excited to share my latest course on Curious, Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker !

In this course, discover how to build confidence as a public speaker and keep your audience engaged. From body language to using notes, join in to learn the essentials of great presentations!

Happy Learning!

Stay Curious!
The Speakers' Coach


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