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Essential Skills for Microsoft Office Users

Guy Badger (founder of Motion Training) has always been an enthusiastic supporter of self-paced, interactive learning and has designed and written numerous training programs on the use of Microsoft Office. He is currently working full time on developing an exciting range of new tutorials that he believes will not only help people get started with the most popular business software, but turn them into confident users, opening doors to new opportunities in learning and at work.

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    11-part Microsoft Office course
    Excel 2003 | The Essentials
    An 11-part course with Motion Training
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    If your work calls for Microsoft Excel expertise or if you’re simply interested in learning one of the most powerful Microsoft Office programs - let Motion Training be your guide. Over the course of 11 lessons, you’ll learn: proper use of Excel workbooks, formulas, functions (including AutoFill, AutoSum, and more), cell formatting, chart setup, and printing tips. Each lesson consists of step-by-step instructions and practice .xls spreadsheets.

  • 27
    27-part Math course
    Excel 2010 | Intermediate
    A 27-part course with Motion Training
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    Do you feel comfortable Microsoft Excel 2010 basics? In this comprehensive course from Excel expert Guy Badger with Motion Training, discover essential intermediate Excel features and functions!

  • 12
    12-part Microsoft Office course
    Excel 2010 | The Essentials
    A 12-part course with Motion Training
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    Whether you’re a beginner or have Excel experience, this course will help you master one of the most powerful Microsoft Office programs available. Motion Training covers the fundamental skills you need to become a power user, including: proper spreadsheet set up, workbooks, calculations, formulas, functions (such as AutoFill and AutoSum), cell formatting, and charting. All lessons include .xlsx files so you can follow along for practice. Note that videos show Excel 2010.

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    4-part Microsoft Office course
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 | The Essentials
    A 4-part course with Motion Training
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    Looking for a fast way to produce a professional-looking presentation in PowerPoint 2010? Master these techniques in just a couple of hours, and learn digital slideshow skills to dazzle your audience!

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    3-part Microsoft Office course
    Microsoft Word 2010 | The Essentials
    A 3-part course with Motion Training
    View course

    Need to get up and running fast on Microsoft Word 2010? Dive into this short-but-comprehensive course for beginners, and be ready to work on your document in less than an hour!

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    "Success… it’s about stretching yourself to learn something new. Developing yourself."
    Carol Dweck, Author of Mindset, Stanford University
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