Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Caning

A 10-part course with Polymer Claydate with Pandora

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Course Overview

Don’t be late to your Polymer Claydate with Pandora! This detailed course stresses the artistic aspect of polymer clay caning and demonstrates common—and not so common—caning techniques. Begin by learning about Skinner blends, cane shapes, and creating components. Then, move onto complex canes like Natasha beads (mirror canes), geometric and freeform canes, pendants and beads, and design sheets. You’ll have a host of wearable jewelry accessories by the end of this course!


  • Total Time 2 hr, 36 min
  • Lessons 10
  • Attachments 14
  • Exercises 32
  • 84 CQ

10 Lessons in This Course

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