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Hi there! I'm Tresa Black, also known as the Stamp Goddess. I'm fabulously artsy and live a creative life surrounded by paper, stamps and photos. I usually have glitter on my face and ink on my fingers. I'm passionate about sharing and teaching others how they can explore their creativity.

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    10-part Scrapbooking course
    Basic Stamping
    A 10-part course with Fabulously Artsy
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    Stamping is a highly versatile and applicable craft—and it’s a bunch of fun, too! In this arts and crafts course, Fabulously Artsy presents expert stamping techniques for awesome custom designs.

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    4-part Handmade Cards course
    Homemade Stationery Embellishments
    A 4-part course with Fabulously Artsy
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    Learn how to make DIY embellishments to adorn handmade cards. This course is perfect for those looking for more creative satisfaction than store-bought stickers, bows, and other embellishments offer.

Other Lessons by Fabulously Artsy

  • 1 min
    Scrapbooking lesson
    How to Stamp Using Sponge Daubers
    A lesson with Fabulously Artsy
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    If your creativity can't be constrained to a single ink color, try sponge daubing on stamps - use sponges to blend many colors directly onto the stamp.

  • 12 min
    Scrapbooking lesson
    How to Heat Emboss Paper Crafts
    A lesson with Fabulously Artsy
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    Take your paper crafting to the next level with heat embossing! Learn the basics of this simple yet stunning technique—plus tips, tricks, and variations.