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Video Workbench
Instructional Plastic Scale Model Kit Videos

Video Workbench was produced from 1992-1994 and sold on VHS until 1999, then the producers moved onto other projects such as feature films. Due to large demand from hobbyists who wanted the series on DVD, the new owner finally took the time to convert the old videotape masters into DVDs with easy-to-follow chapter points. Just pop into your PC, laptop, DVD or Blu-ray player and learn along while you build!

While some of the videos may look a bit dated (the originals are now 20 years old) there is still plenty of great information in these videos. The tools and techniques haven't changed, and you'll use these as much as your hobby reference books on your modeling shelves.

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I have a new course, Weathering in 1 Hour!

I am excited to share my latest course on Curious, Weathering in 1 Hour.

In this comprehensive course for modelers and model kit hobbyists that want to discover more about paint effects, review the entire model painting and weathering process—from start to finish.

Hope you enjoy the course!

Video Workbench


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