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Joe Bertoni
Self Defense Training

Joe Bertoni is a California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) certified instructor in several physical disciplines with over 17 years of law enforcement/specialized training and 30 years of martial arts experience.

His career in law enforcement started in 1998 as a Reserve Deputy followed by being a Correctional Office in 2000 and then as a full-time Deputy Sheriff in 2001. He shared his expertise in self-defense training as a senior force instructor with a Sheriff’s Department in California.

Joe’s background experiences include providing patrol services, investigations, prisoner transport, corrections, providing specialized training, consulting, management, personal security, and executive protection.

His participation in other related operations include courthouse security, marine patrol, and working as a member of various special teams, including Dive Team, Air Rescue, Tactical Response Vehicle, Jail Search Team, and Jail Critical Incident Response Team.

Joe specializes on trainings that equip his students with self-defense skills that can be used both for practical and professional applications. Since 2002 Joe has been teaching and training law enforcement, security personnel, EMS personnel, and private citizens.

The trainings include a combination of security awareness, self-defense, personal protection, weapon less defense, arrest and control, impact weapons, firearms, scenario-based training, and force on force training.

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I am excited to share my latest course on Curious, Self-Defense Techniques with a Kubotan!

Want to learn to defend yourself? Law enforcement trainer Joe Bertoni shows you how to use a kubotan or yawara for self-defense, including jabs, rollover strikes, and effective body movement.

Looking forward to seeing your Curious Assignment!

Joe Bertoni


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