Whether you’re starting your first semester of calculus, or cramming for your final exam, integralCALC will help you quickly build skills with simple, step-by-step lessons.

Krista King (founder of integralCALC) worked as a calculus tutor while she was a student at the University of Notre Dame. After graduation, she started integralCALC to serve as a resource for calculus students. Since the beginning of 2010, Krista’s calculus lessons have helped students around the world and she continues to publish lessons regularly.

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    11-part Calculus course
    Calculus I Essentials
    An 11-part course with integralCALC
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    Need some tips for Calculus 1A? Or maybe you’re madly reviewing for tomorrow's math test? Either way, never fear - Krista, an experienced math tutor, will help you understand the world of calculus, step-by-step. Start by learning the difference between a function and an equation - and how to analyze a function's graph for continuity and limits. Then, step into the world of tangent lines, differentiation, and more. Each lesson includes examples and sample problems to help you along the way.

Other Lessons by integralCALC

  • 6 min
    Calculus lesson
    Removable Discontinuities | Example
    A lesson with integralCALC
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    Not sure if your function is continuous? Learn to identify and solve for removable discontinuities by walking through an example problem with integralCALC.

  • 8 min
    Calculus lesson
    Solving Derivatives
    A lesson with integralCALC
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    Calculating the derivative of a function is easier than taking the definition of the derivative! LeThis lesson teaches you the process for solving derivatives.

  • 11 min
    Calculus lesson
    Derivatives Using Chain Rule | Example
    A lesson with integralCALC
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    This example problem has it all! Learn to take the derivative of a complex natural log using the chain rule and tips that harken back to your days of algebra.

  • 5 min
    Calculus lesson
    A lesson with integralCALC
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    Build on your knowledge of derivatives in this calculus lesson, and learn how to calculate an integral to find the exact area under a function.

  • 7 min
    Calculus lesson
    Solving Integrals
    A lesson with integralCALC
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    If you aren’t already a pro at solving integrals, things are about to change. Learn how to solve an integral using three different techniques.

  • 6 min
    Calculus lesson
    Average Value of a Function | Example
    A lesson with integralCALC
    View lesson

    Having a hard time applying the average value formula? Follow along with integralCALC as she walks through how to calculate the average value of a function.

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