Solving Integrals

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If you aren’t already a pro at solving integrals, things are about to change. Learn how to solve an integral using three different techniques.

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Ralph D
What does the graphical representation of the constant of integration look like?
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Ralph D
Hard to follow ......... graphics should be shown with each statement of how to process each term of the integral then add the next partial graphic .. so don't display a complex graphic with speech of doing one factor, display only the what the words are saying at one time and pause a few seconds and then go to the next term use different colors too. Show the rule for integrating parts u and v then explain how the notation is performed..use different color here too
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Math is a Sport
Nice and simple, emphasizing what is most important. One thought: during the introduction you say that partial fractions comes last in order. Towards the end you suggest using partial fractions before you apply the other two methods. While I think I understand your point, it comes across as a little confusing.
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Dave D
The grammar of this question seems off to me. Should "solve" be "solving" or maybe even "to solve"?
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