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David Dorian Ross
Taiji Master Teacher

Host of the Daily Flow Show - the web's #1 live Tai Chi class - as well as the host of the PBS series Tai Chi in Paradise and the PBS special "Tai Chi, Health and Happiness." David-Dorian Ross has been called America' s foremost authority on teaching Tai Chi. Inside Kung-fu magazine called him "the man who brought Tai Chi mainstream." Jet Li asked him to be the Master Instructor for his international Tai Chi program, and called him "the American Idol of Tai Chi."

David-Dorian is an 8-time US national Taiji (Tai Chi) performance gold medalist, World Silver medalist and 2-time World bronze medalist - the highest awards ever given to an American Taiji athlete.
"I confess - I fell in love with Taiji (Tai Chi) the first day I met it. I'd like to help others find that same joy. I teach Taiji because I actually believe it can help you become not only a healthier person, but a nicer person as well."

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