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Introduction to Game Theory

Learn to think on your feet! Follow along with this game theory series to better understand how people behave when confronted with a variety of decisions.
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Nishi B
6:46 AM 01 April 2015
Found the topic really interesting because of the way you explained what it is.
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Priyanka B
9:28 AM 12 January 2015
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Jan L
4:57 PM 22 August 2014
You're pretty awesome!!
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Carol A
3:59 AM 22 August 2014
This sounds so cool! I just started studying discrete mathematics at uni and it's so interesting that I'm thinking of changing my major, haha. So upon seeing this I was instantly intrigued and it looks like it's going to be very exciting! :)
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Becky F
2:58 PM 18 July 2014
Thanks. Look forward to hearing more
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