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How to Play the Ukulele | Introduction

by Ukulele for Beginners

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Introduction to Ukulele Chords
Lesson 1 – "How to Play the Ukulele | Introduction" by Ukulele for Beginners
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What you'll learn in this course

Even if you have never played a musical instrument before, this brief course introducing the ukulele is the place to start! In this introduction to the ukulele for beginners, start with a review of the equipment, learn how to tune the strings, and then learn to play the most common chords, beginning with F and ending with D Minor. Review techniques for cleanly changing between chords, discover how to play solo, and start building the tools to play with other musicians!

How to Play the Ukulele | Introduction
4 min
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Why take a Hawaiian vacation when you can stay home and learn to play the ukulele? This beginners lesson covers types of ukulele, tuning, and the C-chord.
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  • Jamie-Lee J: Thank you for this reintroduction to the Ukulele. Many years ago, while in my second grade at school I took to the Ukulele. I am so pleased to have someone like you to show me how to play this wonderful instrument again. I will go out and purchase a concert Ukulele and be back for lessons really soon. Thanks again.
  • Fossil M: I like your approach. For a real beginner it is encouraging and well thought out. Thanks for doing it
  • Barbara S: Very informative good job!
  • Jo R: Love your song 'Constantly' reminiscent of Paul Anka's famous golden oldie 'You are my destiny' in both the words and the tune. regards Jo
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  • don b: Friendly delivery gives hope where there wasn't all that much!
  • Butch B: Finger placement on the chord was confusing. I'm going to have to go back and relay it to see the finger placement. I saw one finger placed but then you seemed to have multiple fingers placed for the chord.
  • Lia H: I like how you teach
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  • Ruby L: Love your voice very good for teaching
  • Brian C: How do I know what chord to use for what tune?
    • Ukulele for Beginners: The simplest way is to search the net for uke song sites. I like Doctor Uke. Look him up on Google.
  • Serina W: Your lesson is awesome. I enjoyed it very much. I started taking lessons last night at the Folklore store here in Ottawa. I think watching your videos will help me learn better.
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