Ukulele for Beginners
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Ukulele for Beginners

Jeff was born at an early age and followed in his father's footsteps which occasionally annoyed his father who kept turning around to see what the noise was.

Jeff had a brush with fame and fortune when, together with Michael Fix, he wrote a song for Slim Dusty. This was to be the beginning of a wonderful collaboration apart from the fact that Slim died. Jeff's writing was cleared of any involvement.

Jeff continues to write music that nobody much listens to. He's taken to writing poetry and short fiction, usually humorous knowing that someday soon his voice will give out.

Jeff has been a professional teacher and has played and written music for over forty years. Within the last 10 years he has taken up ukulele admiring its simplicity but versatility. Jeff plays jazz, folk and popular music on the uke, as well as composing and performing his own songs.


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