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I am a self proclaimed DIY'er and woodworker. I believe you should never stop learning or trying new things. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

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    5-part Upcycling course
    DIY Home Decor
    A 5-part course with The Green Workbench
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    Stylish and cheap home decor is hard to come by unless you have the skills to tackle home decorating on your own. In this course, learn how to make some unique and creative interior design pieces.

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    11-part Upcycling course
    DIY Reclaimed Wood End Tables
    An 11-part course with The Green Workbench
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    Whether you are working with barn wood, old flooring, or pallet wood, this course covers all the woodworking techniques for turning repurposed wood into a unique end table.

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    11-part Woodworking course
    Woodworking Projects
    An 11-part course with The Green Workbench
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    In this course, see your own woodworking designs come to life! Armed with just a few simple woodworking tools, tackle an assortment of projects that range in difficulty from easy to advanced.

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