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The Aubergine Chef

My name is Jason Shriner and I’m the Aubergine Chef. My goal is to help encourage all the bakers, and would-be bakers, of the world to try new things, experiment, and most of all not to be afraid to start baking! I’ll be demonstrating all kinds of baking and pastry techniques and desserts which I hope gives more guidance than a recipe ever could.

I’ve worked as either a baker and/or counter-help at different food establishments. This includes Panera Bread, 7 Stars Bakery (in RI), Blaze (a restaurant in RI; short-lived but eye-opening), The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona (for my internship/co-op), and at Wegmans. By working in so many different types of bakeshops I was exposed to different challenges and unique environments – something only experiencing it firsthand can really impart. I’ll do my best though to pass on all the lessons I’ve learned on to you!

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