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Table Tennis Coach
USATT Certified National Coach/Professional Player

Brian Pace is a Professional Table Tennis Player, Junior Champion, 4-Time Collegiate Champion, and 3-Time Florida State Champion. In addition, he has over 18 National Titles, and over 35 Regional Titles. He has trained and lived in Asia, as well as Europe competing in the Romania League for over 3 years. Brian is also the highest rating African-American in the history of US Table Tennis.

Brian is a USATT Certified National Coach, and he has coached his students to National Titles with a record of 4-0. He has reverted to being a private coach, where he lives in South Florida.

Brian is the creator of Dynamic Table Tennis, which is the largest Instructional Table Tennis Series in the World that cover every single way to develop, improve, and compete as a Tournament Table Tennis player.


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