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Basics of Excel 2010

by Motion Training

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Excel 2010 | The Essentials
Lesson 1 – "Basics of Excel 2010" by Motion Training
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What you'll learn in this course

Whether you’re a beginner or have Excel experience, this course will help you master one of the most powerful Microsoft Office programs available. Motion Training covers the fundamental skills you need to become a power user, including: proper spreadsheet set up, workbooks, calculations, formulas, functions (such as AutoFill and AutoSum), cell formatting, and charting. All lessons include .xlsx files so you can follow along for practice. Note that videos show Excel 2010.

Basics of Excel 2010
9 min
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Interested in learning about Microsoft Excel 2010? This tutorial covers how to use Excel, how to edit and format spreadsheets, and how to create basic charts.
  • Lesson Intro
  • Getting Set Up
  • Exercise - Auto Fill
  • Calculations
  • Exercise - Calculations
  • Formatting
  • Exercise - Centering a Title
  • Exercise - Font Size
  • Currency Symbols
  • Exercise - Decimal Places
  • Creating a Chart
  • Exercise - Totals in Charts
  • Exercise - Benefits of Electronic Spreadsheet
  • Final Assignment
  • 9 step-by-step lessons to master what's important
  • 133 minutes of learning-packed video that isn't sleep-inducing
  • 47 exercises and 9 assignments with personalized teacher feedback
  • 14 attachments so you can learn by actually doing
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