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Basics of Excel 2010

Interested in learning about Microsoft Excel 2010? This tutorial covers how to use Excel, how to edit and format spreadsheets, and how to create basic charts.
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Cynthia T
2:37 AM 28 July 2015
yes I need the refreshment in excel, but I need to learn the format for Standard divarication, variation, coefficient formulas and how to calculation in excel
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CarylAnn H
7:06 PM 10 July 2015
how much is it after the free trial
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Jonathan M
5:12 PM 06 July 2015
amzing well presented
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cheryl s
3:30 PM 23 June 2015
actually pretty helpful, EXCEPT I think he goes a little too fast, probably assuming everyone has at lest some familiarity with Excel. I had to back up a couple times to find things. Otherwise, pretty good.
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Cynthia C
1:38 AM 18 June 2015
Very informative. I would definitely use it again.
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