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Nerdy Curio

December 6, 2016

How Much Does Meat Actually Cost?

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Cow farts aren’t doing our planet any favors. Methane produced by bovine farts and burps are just one of the many environmental costs associated with today’s animal farming practices. Today’s Nerdy Curio gives an overview of the hidden monetary and health-related costs of meat production. It’s got us wondering whether the recent trend towards plant-based meat alternatives that look, taste, and even “bleed” like real meat might help satisfy our planet’s health, our wallets, and our appetites. Now that’s something to chew on!

Aired March 3, 2016

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Bridget P
Wow that is super informative! I absolutely love this
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Christina W
This information is credible and supported by so much data, just look into it. No one wants to because they don't want to change their ways. Typical human nature, ignoring science to maintain our convenience and outdated beliefs. We're so lazy, selfish, and entitled- it's disgusting. People are unwilling to listen to this but would scarf down any propaganda supporting their habits without question.
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Alicia E
This is said well, it is exactly right. Those that are denying that this is truly the case (and not sensationalized PETA propaganda) have clearly never worked near or on a farm and know very little about government subsidies for farmers. It's ridiculous that in this day and age when we don't like what science says we write it off as radical's science people!
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Mike D
Thanks "PETA"
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Todd E
There is good information here and it makes a good point that we need more variety and more veggies in our diet. The presentation is quite slanted which takes away from its credibility.
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