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Savoring The Good
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Sarah Mock’s life long love of food lead her to earn two degrees from Johnson & Wales University. Sarah finds the most engaging way to communicate with her audience is through videos. She has partnered with such brands as Kraft, Tyson Food, GE and M&M to create engaging videos. Tune in every Thursday to Good Day Pa! for her Thrifty Thursday TV segment.

More fun facts about Sarah: Ran the Olympic Torch relay in 2002, doesn’t like broccoli, mother to 3 children, has 7 chickens, married her high school sweetheart and is an ugly crier.

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Encourage Spring To Arrive! Take These Gardening Lessons

Currently it is snowing AGAIN at my house. I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to spring. It seems like it is NEVER going to get here.

I have a couple of lessons that might chase away the winter blues:

(1) How to Separate and Plant Basil Seedling:
If you've been dreaming of endless jars of pesto next year, then no doubt you've gone out and bought basil seedlings at the garden center. But how do you get them out of their plastic tub, separated from one another, and planted happily in your garden? This lesson from How to Pinch a Penny shows you how to remove the tub, unwrap the roots, separate the seedlings, and plant them in such a way that they are stable and rooted in your dirt.

And then once your basil has taken over your garden you are going to want to make some pesto! I have a lesson for that as well!

(2) Make a Lovely Green Basil Pesto

Not sure what to do with that productive basil plant in your garden? Try making delicious fresh pesto! This lesson walks you through how to make basil pesto - from harvesting the basil to storing it in your refrigerator. Sarah even reveals her trick for locking in that appetizing, bright green color. Toast the pine nuts perfectly for a deep flavor, stream in the olive oil, and serve immediately or freeze for a rainy day!

Also if you grow tomatoes you will WANT to take this lesson:

(3) How to Make a Heavy Duty Tomato Cage
Protect your tomato plants from wind, rain, pets, small children, or just weak stalks by constructing these homemade tomato cages. Why buy a flimsy cage from a garden center when How I Pinch a Penny demonstrates how to make a quick, easy, and sturdy cage with just gloves, bolt cutters, and five feet of steel re-mesh? See how to create and install these homemade cages.

I hope these lessons will give you hope of that spring will come soon.

See you in the classroom!



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