How to Check Eggs for Freshness

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How to Check Eggs for Freshness

by How I Pinch A Penny

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  • Ana W: Excellent
  • Irene G: Thank You for showing how to check for freshness...never knew there was an easy way to check...does the egg need to be at room temp to check? I usually store eggs in the fridge?
    • How I Pinch A Penny: Nope. Temperature does not make a difference. It is the size of the air sack that is being checked.
  • Daniel C: Thanks! That's good to know. And I like your video because I felt like I was in the kitchen with you :-)
  • dale d: Very informative!!!
  • Simon L: Thanks for the helpful tip!
  • Diana Rohini L: Thank you!
  • Kai C: This is so helpful, learned something new today!
  • Rose E: Thank you, that was great. Never knew that.
  • Mary L: Clear and concise
  • Donna G: This was very interesting. I learned from this presentation!
  • Lou B: Good to know. Thanks
  • Carol G: Very good lesson.
  • Denyse S: Thank you for this bit of very important information.
  • Betty S: I learned allot from this video. Thank You so much. No old eggs at my house.
  • Lannie K: Great, I love this lesson ... God bless you all
  • Emily C: Have always wondered how to tell. Thanks! That was great!
  • Rita B: Were these fresh eggs, or boiled?
  • Linda S: Great info for those starting their own health trend
  • Emma H: Very interesting. I feel like I can approach an egg with a better understanding now. Thank you!
  • Ahmed S: Thanks :)
  • Connie P: Did not know this... thank you!
  • Sonya V: Thanks!!!
  • Linette T: Thanks so much for your information. I have been given "fresh" eggs from friends to crack some and be grossed out. I'll sure use this method in the furture!
  • Beth P: Thank you!
  • CM K: Very good information, thank you.
  • YK C: Interesting and quite useful. Thanks!
  • Dorothy W: I really appreciate this tip, because I always wanted to know for sure if eggs go bad. I was wondering if this trick works for refrigerator eggs?
  • Pamela W: I did learn something I didn't know. Thanks
  • Dorene G: thanks......i feel better with this info....dg........
  • Fran W: Thank you so much. Really enjoyed the lesson. Of all the years I have been cooking with eggs, I never knew about floaters.
  • Gloria R: Sarah, what a great job teaching me something I've wondered about for a long time. Will an unfresh egg make you sick?
  • Safi M: What are the health consequences of cooking the floating eggs?
    • How I Pinch A Penny: Personally, I wouldn't eat one. I would not chance any food borne illnesses based on a floating egg. When in doubt, toss it out!
    • Safi M: I will keep that in mind. Thank you Sarah ;)
    • How I Pinch A Penny: Glad to help.
  • reny a: Thanks, I'll be wasting less eggs in the future
  • Nhut T: Good lesson
  • Diana Y: Never that...thanks????
  • maggie c: Great info! Will pass this on to family members!
  • Simone M: Thanks a lot for this!
  • Barbara D: Very timely and easy to remember lesson. I've been buying eggs from a farm this summer supplying my own cartons. When in the fridge I cNt remember which I brought home last. Now I'll be able to tell!
  • Manish C: Great tip
  • Judy : Are you aware that if you keep you freshly laid eggs in the refrigerator, or in a cool cellar, or basement that is not heated. In a basement your eggs will keep for weeks, or even months, depending on how moist and cool the area is. In a refrigerator they keep for months, if in cartons like the ones you buy eggs in at the store. If you want to be able to hard boil eggs, kept in a refrigerator, they need to be around 2 weeks old to be able to peel them without tearing the egg apart.
    • How I Pinch A Penny: Thanks Judy! I was aware of these facts but other students may not be. I hope they read the comments and learn from your knowledge. Thanks so much for sharing! Sarah
  • Marlys T: I need to check some eggs I've had in the fridge for a couple weeks so this lesson came in really handy! Thanks!
  • Brian C: Nice. May I never eat bad eggs again
  • Raymond L: Excellent lesson.
  • Carol B: A good lesson. Thank you.
  • Soraya J: I never know about this before sometime have to trow damage egg that I was put in fresh egg for my omelette dish! Lol
  • Deirdre H: Very interesting lesson
    • How I Pinch A Penny: Glad to help Shawna. I am looking forward to adding to my flock in the spring! Bring on the chicks!
    • Shawna E: This info is really useful considering I have chickens! Thanks!
    • How I Pinch A Penny: Thanks Deirdre.
  • Martina M: Being a city girl I had no idea about the good or bad egg, it is good to know thank you.
  • Donna w: Thanks good great tip
  • Nyela L: Thank you for that very helping video
  • Debbie J: Great tip! I never was sure how to tell if the egg was no longer good!
  • Marshall R: I had no idea there was a test. Thank you soooooooooo much. I've probably thrown out hundreds of dollars over my 77 years, but I will pass this information to my kids. Thanks again.
  • shirley p: Good, floating them in water. Get it
  • Joyce D: Were the eggs you left on the counter for two weeks sterile as in no rooster? My eggs are fertile and therefore if I leave them on the counter they will begin to incubate so I have to put them in the frig within a day. Sometimes I leave them in the frig too long so I like the idea of floating them to check for freshness, I've stood and cracked egg after egg looking for a fresh egg. Would have been simpler to float them. Thank you.
  • Roslyn J: Thank you. I have chickens and often get the old and new eggs mixed up in storage. I can now check.
  • Joanne B: fun! fun! and easy. Thank you.
  • beth s: I honestly learned something new today. Thanks for sharing-
  • Munawar S: Thank you !!! This video was very informational.....
  • Jean A: Very good. Thank you.
  • Leslie W: Great tip for beginners!
  • ktrn b: :)
  • Josel F: Very useful information.. Thanks
  • Mary Ann C: thank you for the info.
  • Doreen K: Great lesson and so useful. Thanks you.
  • Elizabeth C: thanks so much, appreciate the tips
  • C. G: Nice lesson. Thank you.
  • Arrada R: Love it
  • Brenda B: Started the lesson and realized I needed sound. My borrowed monitor has no sound and I miss it. Off to the store.
  • CarloRoxanne B: Very helpful
  • Kathleen S: Great straight forward information! I am sending this on to my son and his future wife who are food bloggers!
  • Russell F: Interesting tip. Well prepared video.
  • Lynn A: Great information
  • Betty M: Thanks so much., now I know the difference between a good egg n a bad egg....
  • Betty R: Some very good advice. Thanks!
  • Debbie W: Thanks for the lesson