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How to Check Eggs for Freshness

Those eggs have been out on the counter for a long time. Find out if they're safe to eat with this floating test that will separate the good eggs from the bad.
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Pam P
2:47 AM 18 September 2015
youre a pro thank you!
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Lynda B
9:18 PM 15 August 2015
Very informative. Thank you
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Mizus F
11:11 PM 10 August 2015
Great info. Thank you
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Thomas o
2:11 PM 31 July 2015
Enjoyed the lesson as I have just been given 3 chickens
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Doug M
2:52 PM 22 July 2015
Why are the floating eggs not edible? I understand what makes them float but what makes them inedible?
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