Mastering the Continental Tennis Grip

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Master a basic tennis grip with this lesson from HammerIt Tennis. Having a good continental grip will give you more control volleying, serving, and backhanding.

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Tatiana J
???????????? great tip!
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Robert Y
What is the Continental grip for? As opposed to the eastern or any other grip.
Hammer It Tennis
The continental grip is used any time you want more feel and touch in your racquet or you want your hand and racquet face to line up. It is used for volleys, serves, and the backhand. All other grips are mainly used as variations on the forehand. Continental gives you a better sense of control because you do not have to make as much judgment on a count of the angle of the racquet face in relation to your palm.
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hugh w
Well done and I've always taught beginners the same style grip. I like the comparison to a hand shake. For beginners it's about the grip and contact. Think coaches are now using a slight eastern grip ( a little clockwise shift of the grip ) to generate top spin and return same. Is this a good idea? Players in the early days did not generate top. The face of the racquet is slightly open. Caution as to not golf the ball is always emphasized. Is Nadel a full Western grip ( like a frying pan grip
Hammer It Tennis
Thanks for watching! The HammerIt Method teaches players of all ages Continental grip for volleys, backhands (dominant hand), serves, and overheads. We teach a Semi-Western to strong Eastern grip for forehands, which after explanation and demonstration of our forehand technique is the most natural grip to use. Nadal, uses a strong Semi-Western and most other touring pros use a Semi-Western to strong Eastern grip. Today's pros generate heavy topspin so that they can hit with maximum pace!
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Bernie B
BEST and clearest description I have found.
Hammer It Tennis
Thank you for the kind words! Thanks for watching!
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Jim B
An excellent way to explain the continental grip in tennis, especially for kids. I learned the the "handshake" illustration. He makes it simple!
Hammer It Tennis
Thanks for watching!
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