Erin Bassett

Erin is a craft addict who loves to do something creative every day. She shares her love of all things artsy on her blog and in the classes and events she teaches at. Erin is a freelance artist, designing for top manufactures and has had many of her projects published in various magazines and books. She considers it a blessing to be able to call her passion "work".

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  • 7 min
    Crafts lesson
    Crêpe Ribbon Flowers | Sew and Paint
    A lesson with Erin Bassett
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    Everything's coming up roses when you make these gorgeous crêpe ribbon flowers! This first lesson teaches you how to fold, sew, and paint your ribbon.

  • 7 min
    Crafts lesson
    Crêpe Ribbon Flowers | Brad and Finish
    A lesson with Erin Bassett
    View lesson

    Who needs April showers? Make your own May flowers with these cute and crafty crêpe ribbon flowers! This lesson teaches how to brad and finish off your flower.

  • 2 min
    Crafts lesson
    How to Make Fabric Flowers with a Candle
    A lesson with Erin Bassett
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    Make personalized bridesmaid gifts or simple hair accessories for yourself! In this lesson Erin Bassett demonstrates how to make fabric flowers with a candle.

  • 5 min
    Crafts lesson
    How to Make a Mini Scrapbook
    A lesson with Erin Bassett
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    Bored of just filling your scrapbooks? Make your own book from scratch! Learn how to fold, cut, and glue paper to make a colorful and original miniature book.

  • 2 min
    Crafts lesson
    How to Make Paper Beads
    A lesson with Erin Bassett
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    Interested in recycling, DIY projects, and fashion? Combine all three and transform old magazines into paper beads for a totally green fashion statement.

  • 3 min
    Crafts lesson
    How to Transfer a Photo Using Hairspray
    A lesson with Erin Bassett
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    Create mixed media art! Learn how to transfer images at home, using only printed labels and cheap hairspray, in this lesson from Erin Bassett.

  • 4 min
    Crafts lesson
    Customizing Cardstock with Glimmer Mist
    A lesson with Erin Bassett
    View lesson

    Awaken your inner artist and learn how to create custom cardstock with glimmer mist! Your greeting cards will be treasured for more than just the words on them!

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