How to Make Paper Beads

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Interested in recycling, DIY projects, and fashion? Combine all three and transform old magazines into paper beads for a totally green fashion statement.

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Bear N
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Thanks a bunch!
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Sandra W
This was absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much sandra Woods
Erin Bassett
Oh I'm so glad you liked it Sandra! Have fun!!
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Tanya E
Thank you...loved it! I will teach my summer youth during recycle it week. Tanya
Erin Bassett
Awesome! It's a great way to use up scraps of paper. Magazine pages are one of my favorites to use!
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Janet W
This is a great way to make some fascinating beads! I have 2 necklaces made by girls in Uganda that were made this way and they are quite attractive. Had I not been told that they were made from paper triangles, it would have been difficult to figure out just what they were.
Erin Bassett
I love the Uganda beads too! Now you can make them too. :)
Janet W
I keep thinking of trying them, but I have my hands in so many fires that I just don't currently have the time!
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