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Eric Buffington

Eric has earned Bachelor and Master degrees in education, is a certified Math, Science, English, and Elementary Teacher, and has a principal certification. He is also a published author of the YA Fantasy novel The Exile (Stones of Power). When he is not working as an online Math teacher, he spends his summers doing construction projects, gardening, going on humanitarian trips, and canning. Most importantly he spends his free time as much as possible with his family.
Eric Buffington was born in Ontario Canada, lived there until he was eighteen, then joined a Canadian Government Program to travel the country doing service in different communities. He then served a two year mission with his church working with the Laotian People in California, where he developed a love for their diverse and rich culture. After serving a mission, he returned home, met the love of his life and was married. He now lives in Pennsylvania with his wonderful family consisting of his wife and four children.


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