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Elyse Hughes
Elyse Hughes

I'm a writer, #holisticjunkie and adjunct college instructor that's here to support your personal transformation. After healing myself of a once debilitating skin condition using food and losing 100+ pounds, I share tips and tricks to demystify health and actually make it a blast. Because I approach personal change holistically, I teach everything from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) that shift self-sabotaging habits, to practical kitchen know-how and SelfLoving practices that help you stick with yourself through big life changes. In my past life as a copywriter, I helped clients professionally elevate themselves through creative resume writing. I also specialized in showing online entrepreneurs how to genuinely and passionately tell their stories in ways that inspire clients to invest in them. Whether you're looking to feel better in your body, uplevel your career or powerfully express yourself as a personal brand, I have lots of info to share with you! I'm looking forward to our time together. Please reach out, let me know how the lessons have helped you, what questions you have and what I can cover to support you. Many Thanks ~elyse

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