DIY Duct Tape Knick-Knacks

A 9-part course with Duct Tape Stuff

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Course Overview

Everyone knows duct tape fixes just about anything, but it might surprise you what you can make with it! In this arts and crafts course, Duct Tape Stuff shares fun crafts for everyone—all made with duct tape—from fashion accessories to school supplies and home decor. If you're into cheap, easy-to-make crafts, this course is for you! Learn how to make stylish hair clips, rings, a pencil case, a woven purse, and even a fez (a round red hat). These projects are safe and easy enough for little kids!


  • Total Time 1 hr, 4 min
  • Lessons 9
  • Attachments 2
  • Exercises 19
  • 35 CQ

9 Lessons in This Course

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