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How to Apply Acupressure Points

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Are you too squeamish for acupuncture but wish you could reap the benefits? Discover several acupressure points to relieve pain in this lesson!

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Marquia B
I am a massage therapist from Texas who happens to be visually impaired. Is there anyway that you can make the techniques that you are describing a bit more descriptive? Four instance, and one class for acupressure you say in order to find a certain pressure point I can't remember which one it is now. But you are showing us how to clasp our hands. You say clasp your hands like this but there is no description there for those of us who are blind or visually impaired.
I had not even thought of this. Thank you so much for this feedback! I really appreciate this - I will have this video re-recorded as soon as I can
Turns out it will take me a little longer than anticipated to get a good version for you, but that point I was referring to in the video is PC6 - used for anxiety, hiccoughs and motion sickness. An easier way to find it is to lay 3 fingers across your wrist starting at the wrist crease - for example if you are finding the point on you left wrist - the ring finger of your right hand with be at the wrist crease. Where the border of the index finger is indicates the line where the point is found.
part 2...to find the point, aim for the middle of your wrist and press there with your thumb. I hope that makes sense. Take care!
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Veronica B
Dr. K, Thank you very much! I hope to share this with my friend that suffers from chronic pain, but is terrified of needles. :^D Gratefully, Ronny Betts
Yes absolutely! I hope they find some relief!
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