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Why do dogs get separation anxiety?

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Conrad S
I once had a dog like this. He was a cocker spaniel named "Sam". He literally chewed up all the woodwork in the house when I left home. He only quit when I got a flatmate who worked the night shift
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Darra H
So true! I wish people would understand dogs before getting one!!
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Shannon S
Although our dog doesn't have destructive behavior this aligns heavily with her behavior when she goes in public with me. She is overly protective when it is just me or me and the babies. When my husband is around she is not overly protective at all.
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Ariadna S
Thank you for this information! I always thought my dog was just bored :)
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Kris K
This is inaccurate information and a really crappy answer.
The Dog Guardian
Hi Kris, if you don't think dogs ever FEEL RESPONSIBLE for their owners, despite the myriad of ways they demonstrate this with a defence response (Flight, freeze, fight) e.g. barking and getting in front of their owners in times of perceived dangers. Then I can understand why you think it is implausible that they would also feel responsible for them when they leave. However I would see that as short sighted. But if you do agree with the first sentence then please enlighten me to your ideas.
Shayna M
This opinion is really inaccurate and crappy.
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