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Computer Care Clinic
Computer Care Clinic

Since 2000, Computer Care Clinic's experts have been helping people troubleshoot all kinds of hardware and software issues. CEO Chuck Graudins has rekindled our training fire with Computer Care's all new video studio, and can now assist you with resolving hardware or software problems, removing virus and malware infections, upgrading or replacing memory and hard drives, tune-ups, general troubleshooting, and basic computer skills right here on curious.com. When he's not troubleshooting computer problems, Graudins is a popular male voice talent who does celebrity impersonations of deep, authoritative, legendary, mature actors including James Earl Jones, Don Pardo, Bill Kurtis, and Don LaFontaine among others. Chuck has done cartoon voices for The Cartoon Network, an Australian accent for an Aussie clothing company, and even performed an Indian accent for a telemarketing training program... in India. Chuck has been cast in several video games and small movies. Oh, and he sings too. Chuck fronts the country music project Jake McGrew and the alternative rock back Font. So if you hear something strange in our videos, don't worry. It's just Chuck being Chuck.


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