How to Do a Parkour Plyometric Jump

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by Zoic Nation
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How to Do a Parkour Plyometric Jump

by Zoic Nation

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  • Yesenia M: Cool stuff! Keep it up :)
  • Ally R: Your super good!
  • alex p: go info thanks.
  • Jenn R: Nice lesson. Very straight forward and well done
  • Mike R: Thank you
  • Nicole h: Thanks for the lesson, looking forward to getting to know these
  • Aliece N: :)
  • april s: Thank you. This was the first lesson I've watched using this app. I'm hoping that there are package deals to buy all of your videos at once. As far as levels, can you possibly categorize them by difficulty so I know what moves are basic to master first before I move on to more intermediate moves. Thank you. I love this!
  • Christopher K: Hey, I appreciate the lesson. Parkour is something that I've been interested in off and on for a while. Having access to the basics is great.
  • Dawson H: How can I strengthen my legs to jump farther like that? I really liked this I tried watching some parkour how to videos in the past but didn't recieve any success
  • Angie L: Thank you for the interesting lesson!