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Teaching People Being More Epic

My name is Luigi and I'm the founder of zenife.com a blog for those who want to improve themselves and take their life and business to a new level of pure Epicness.
Few years ago I was stuck in the limbo of "not knowing what was my true path". I felt constantly stressed, frustrated and anxious. The days blended together, the weekends were too short and I was quickly settling down for an ordinary life. And you know what? Ordinary sucks.
After realizing that I wanted to live my life on my own terms, to live EPIC, I started to take actions and follow my childhood dream: "Help others".
So, I don't know your whole story, your background, where you live, your age, your financial situation, but I can tell you one thing that is a fact.

If I choosed to live epic, YOU can live an EPIC life too.

You deserve it!

I hope to inspire you through my courses, videos and content.
Dream Big. Live Healthy. Be Happy.
Peace. :)


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