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Yoga Surf Love

The intention behind Mary’s teachings, whether it is Vinyasa, Hatha, or Restorative, is to remind the students of the importance of breath. Guided by intuition, she teaches pranayama techniques and the use of the bandha in classes. She trusts that she is a conduit for source energy to express through her as the knowledge and beauty of yoga. Focusing on breath, adjustments, proper alignment, detailed anatomy and physiology, and meditation, students leave with not only a better understanding of asana and physical body, but a deep connection to the truth of who they are and why there are here on this planet.

Believing that there is a form of meditation that is appropriate for everyone, Mary emphasizes that the physical asana (posture) is a preparation and foundation for mediation practice. Introducing and magnifying heightened states of perception, she teaches that the strength of the body is secondary to controlling the power of the mind. With love and compassion, Mary helps to expand awareness and expose the richness that life has to offer though the inner guru, yoga, mediation and the laws of attraction.

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