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Weekly Russian
Discover the Beauty of the Russian Language

Welcome to Russian with Natalia! I am so glad that you decided to study Russian. Learning a foreign language is a rewarding experience and Russian is a wonderful choice - it's challenging, interesting and very beautiful. Russian is a product and expression of an incredibly rich culture. We'll be exploring both the language and culture, and I will make it as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.
I am a native Russian speaker with an MA degree in Russian Language and Literature and almost ten years of teaching experience. Visit my YouTube channel Weekly Russian for a large collection of Russian lessons, songs, poetry and cartoons.

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New Curious course - Conversational Russian for Beginners

I'm thrilled to share my newest course, Conversational Russian for Beginners.

Want to learn how to speak Russian, but don't want to spend time memorizing grammar and vocabulary? This course teaches conversational Russian for beginners who want to start speaking right away.

I hope you enjoy the new course!

Stay Curious!
Weekly Russian with Natalia


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