Mike's Digital Video Production
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Mike's Digital Video Production
Mike Hughes

Mike grew up making films and while he spent a short time as a radio broadcaster his career path led him to to the television industry and later to the production of films and videos.

For over 30 years Mike owned and operated a corporate media production company which specialized in audio visual media production for business and industry. Corporate videos were the main product and were created for training as well as marketing.

Mike is extensively skilled and knowledgeable about scripting, staging & directing, lighting, location audio, camera, studio techniques, set construction, post- production editing, animation, graphics production and music & sound editing.

Mike has been teaching filmmaking for 40 years and has authored a book on video production techniques (“Digital Filmmaking for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Video Production” - McGraw Hill Publishing - ISBN#978-0-07-179136-6).

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Ready for a new course? I am excited to share my most recently published course, Intro to Digital Video Production.

Want to discover the secrets for creating great videos? In this comprehensive course from experienced film producer Mike Hughes, learn insider tips for planning, shooting, and producing quality video!

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Mike's Digital Video Production


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