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How to Deal with & Reduce Stress

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Take control of your cortisol levels and calm down your central nervous system by following some tips and techniques that manage stress & bring peace of mind.

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Mike M
Very helpful. Thank you so much!
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cheryl d
thank you it helped me a lot things I already know but needed to hear them ,im always on the go never stop never deal with one thing at a time because it always comes at once,i had a very stressful job which I have now given up and found a least stressful one.i am in a load of debt and face losing my home which I have now faced and started to sort out..my brain does not stop things go round and round..i will try now to DEAL with one thing at a time as I do always avoid things many thanks xx
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Jessica T
Great. Feedback on hormones!
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Rupert K
Love this lesson, I will have to start using the tips given. Thanks
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Erika T
This actually helped me feel a little better. I'll definitely try your methods :)
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