The Neo-Sage®- Business Coach
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The Neo-Sage®- Business Coach
Larry Sharpe

Are you a sales professional looking to increase sales? Are you an executive or manager looking to become a high-performance leader? Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow your business? Let me help you!

My name is Larry Sharpe and I am the Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc..

I provide executive coaching, management consulting and training for professionals in many industries including: finance, technology, media, real estate, luxury and healthcare. I have coached and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, sales people and customer service reps from dozens of companies all over the United States. I am also a professional speaker and have spoken at dozens of venues to a wide variety of audiences.

The Neo-Sage® Philosophy comes from three schools of thought: Sociology, Psychology, and enduring Military Leadership teachings. All the ideas, tips and tactics, stem from one or several of these schools. The mix is the perfect concoction used to create strategies to navigate business relationships. It allows for diplomacy, negotiating and posturing so that all concerned feel positive and assume a win. Understanding how the plan will move forward and controlling “the field” as much as possible gives us the best chances of victory for everyone. Having a process that is repeatable and proven effective lets you have continued success and many, many positive professional relationships. The Neo-Sage® Philosophy is NEVER about temporary motivation of trite folklore. It is ALWAYS about long-lasting constructive change to promote on-going positive internal and external relationships and success, however the individual defines it.

I hope that you enroll in my courses and find success through my shared wisdom and techniques!


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