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Meditation Techniques for Beginners

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Love the idea of meditating but don’t know how to get started? The Enthusiastic Buddhist gives you some tips and tricks to start meditating regularly.

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Kelli C
Thank you mindah
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Jordan W
I have chronic pain and have meditated on and off for years. This last year in cognitive behavioral therapy, my therapist found out I meditated and since then we've used it to help me cope with pain and stress when it hits and I have to function out in the world. I'm getting back to basics, but it's good to feel like I have some control.
The Enthusiastic Buddhist
I just wrote a post about dealing with ill health. I hope it might be helpful. http://www.enthusiasticbuddhist.com/transforming-illness-into-the-path/
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Spice B
Thank u for a very good presentation! I am hoping to become a certified mediation teacher and U inspire me! ????????
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Azis L
Thanks for sharing
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Trista W
Answered my questions to begin, thanks!
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