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The Beauty Fox
Kimberly Odom

Dear Foxes,
As a young girl I grew up on a farm right outside of Nashville, Tn and spent most of my time obsessed with fashion magazines. The beautiful faces, clothes and stories I saw and read about inspired my young mind to think outside the box. Living in the middle of farm land USA I was able to learn from an early age the importance of holistic nutrition. I guess this is where my passion for all things beauty and wellness began. Little did I know that my dog Foxey Lady Peaches and I would be chasing those big dreams all the way to New York City.

As a former NFL cheerleader and news reporter I became the go-to expert for all things beauty and nutrition, on and off the field. I found myself being asked by friends, family and even people on the subway for beauty and nutrition advice. As a result, The Beauty Fox was born.

TBF allows me to fulfill my passion of educating and encouraging women to feel beautiful from the inside out. It is my belief that when women feel confident and beautiful, like a beauty fox, they will be empowered to create a beautiful life for themselves, one they have always dreamed of!

It's all simple. Here at TBF you will find expert interviews, video tutorials, & the latest beauty news and advice on everything from makeup & skincare to nutrition. My goal is to give you exactly what you need to feel and look like a fox!

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