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Chris, aka "That Tutor Guy", is a Stanford graduate and pioneer in online math and science tutoring, through his site In early 2012, with over a decade of professional tutoring experience in high-income West LA, Chris had become very in-demand for math and science, and his rates and availability reflected that: pretty much every student he tutored lived in Beverly Hills or Brentwood, and they all attended private school. Concerned that good tutoring was only available to the wealthy, in 2012 Chris co-founded in an effort to make high quality tutoring affordable by video-taping lessons covering every topic in every class he tutors, thus creating a “virtual” tutoring experience for a low monthly fee. The site has a full collection of math and chemistry videos, ranging from pre-algebra all the way up to calculus, for both high school and college students. Chris plans on adding more videos to Curious over time, but until then, visit to find Chris’s complete tutoring library. Whether you are trying to raise your grade from a B to an A or trying to pass college algebra for the third time, Chris has a talent for explaining problems in a way you can actually understand.

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